Change Leadership Training: Become a Change Leader

To lead transformational change within your organization, you need to become change leader, rather than a change manager. Change managers seek to keep change under control and see it through to completion with the least amount of organizational resistance and disruption. Change leaders, on the other hand, are able to clearly define and articulate a purpose and vision, while navigating the chaos and uncertainty of transformational change.

Through our single or multi-day change leadership training, DewPoint Consulting helps you go beyond change management to become an effective and capable change leader.

What to expect:

In our Change Leadership Training you will:

  • Understand the psychology of change within yourself and others more deeply

  • Assess your current change leadership skills and capabilities

  • Learn how to effectively and skillfully influence people’s mindset to not only embrace change but openly and willingly expect it

  • Learn how to design a change process that is a well-thought out and comprehensive approach to content, people, process and culture

  • Learn how to build a case for change that captures attention and creates buy-in

  • Learn how to measure your change initiative’s level of risk against the most common mistakes made in leading transformation

  • Examine how to build a change governance structure that works

Time required:

Can be a 1-day or multi-day leadership training experience. There will be pre-reading and individual interviews for small groups and teams.

Workshop size and composition:

This workshop can be delivered to large groups, or individual work teams.

“Dr. Rita is an exceptional facilitator. She helped draw fresh ideas and value through her workshops at the California Utility Executive Management Association (CUEMA) conferences. Her impact at CUEMA is remarkable. I strongly recommend her for organizational development needs!”

Tom Coleman, Board President, California Utility Executive Management Association (CUEMA)

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