Leading Digital Transformation Training: The People Side of Change

DewPoint Consulting’s leading digital transformation training provides a hands-on learning experience that helps you develop the capabilities you need to be an effective leader in a time of constant change and digital disruption. We offer a practical learning approach, backed up by the latest theory and research in the fields of psychology, change management, leadership development, and digital transformation to better equip you, as a leader, to successfully navigate the people side of change.

In this workshop, you will explore how your leadership strengths and personal change profile match up with best practices in leading digital transformation. You will learn how to shift your mindset and behavior to lead more effectively in the digital space. You will also get hands-on practice with your team or work group designing leadership strategies and approaches for real-time digital transformation challenges, and you will leave the training with a personal leadership plan for leading in the digital age.

What to expect:

In our Leading Digital Transformation training you will:

  • Learn what it means to be a Digital Master

  • Understand the key success factors in leading digital transformation

  • Complete personal leadership and change style assessments to explore the key psychological and emotional aspects of the change process

  • Explore current change leadership skills and capacities

  • Learn a leading digital transformation methodology, a well-thought out and comprehensive approach to content, people, and process

  • Learn how to develop an organizational culture, where digital transformation and innovation is woven into the fabric of the organization

  • Create a leadership development plan to become a Digital Master

Time required:

Can vary from a 1-day overview workshop to a 5-day comprehensive digital transformation training experience. There will be pre-reading and individual interviews for small groups and teams.

Workshop size and composition:

The typical participant is a manager or executive, who is involved in driving digital business transformation in his or her organization or client organization, or someone who is seeking to take on a new digitally oriented role. Workshop size varies.

“Dr. Rita is an outstanding leader. She supported our board and staff with clear and effective tools tailored to the needs of our District and has been instrumental in helping them achieve higher levels of performance. We have really moved forward as a District with her help.”

Tom Coleman, General Manager, Rowland Water District

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