Go Beyond Change Management

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!”
— Peter Senge

Are you a change leader or change manager?

Is there a difference between change management and change leadership? The answer is YES, and it’s quite significant. Change management refers to a set of tools and processes to keep change under control and see it through to completion. It has a beginning and end point, and all variables in-between are “managed” so that change implementation encounters the least amount of resistance and disruption. Change management tends to be associated with smaller scale change.

Change leadership, on the other hand, refers to transformational change, whereby leaders bring about larger scale change, driven by a clearly defined and articulated purpose and vision. John Kotter, the father of change leadership, refers to it as a 1000 horse-power engine that creates urgency, builds momentum, moves masses of people, and redefines how people work. There isn’t the same degree of control in change leadership because organizations are making larger leaps at a faster speed.

Become a driver and agent of change

DewPoint Consulting provides ongoing change leadership consultation and training that helps leaders become drivers and agents of change. Leaders learn how to more effectively navigate the chaos and uncertainty of transformational change. Through our consulting engagements and training, organizational leaders examine how they themselves relate to change and adjust their change mindset.

Leaders begin to influence the mindsets of others as well, so that leading change becomes a part of the DNA of the organization, rather than a one-off event. By learning the human dynamics of change and getting the right people and governance structures on board, leaders can inspire change at all levels in their organization.

DewPoint Consulting also provides change leadership training, which helps leaders go beyond change management to become effective and capable change leaders.

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“We hired Rita on more than one occasion to assist us with executive management coaching and overall organizational development. Our company was struggling with change management resulting from an organizational restructuring. She helped us identify weaknesses in our leadership and made suggestions for improvements. Before preparing a proposal, Rita took the time to understand our company culture and our recent and past struggles both with leadership and as an organization. She focused on providing a program that would produce results. She took the time to meet with the C-suite to explain her approach and get their full commitment and buy-in. This ensured a successful outcome. I highly recommend Rita.”

Annette Bonilla Padilla, VP of Human Resources Environmental Science Associates

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