Build a Conflict Competent Team and Culture

“Where there are people, there are problems.”

Workplace conflict can be incredibly healthy, or profoundly destructive, depending on its nature and how it is managed. The cost of unhealthy workplace conflict is astounding! Over 350 billion dollars a year is wasted because people are “fighting” at work.

And, that’s not all. Think about the costs to your organization that you cannot measure: the lost potential for learning, innovation, increased sales, better customer service, and personal and organizational growth.

A survey conducted by the American Management Association revealed that executive and managers felt that conflict resolution was equal to or more important than strategic planning, communication, and decision-making. And yet, so few companies invest in it!!!

Conflict facilitation and resolution

DewPoint Consulting works with organizations to help them learn how to turn detrimental conflict into healthy engagements, where disagreement turns into opportunities for learning and sharing. Dr. Rita Giacalone has helped mediate hundreds of individual, team and organizational conflicts to successful resolution. To supplement her many years of practical experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Giacalone attended the renowned Pepperdine School of Law, Straus Institute Professional Skills Program in Conflict Resolution Consulting. She is uniquely qualified to help you and your organization solve your conflict challenges!

When team or organizational conflict goes unresolved over time and becomes chronic, people benefit most from having an experienced facilitator guide the conversation to resolution. This is sensitive work that requires a deep understanding of human cognition and emotion. As a trained and experienced psychologist, Dr. Giacalone possesses the skills necessary to effectively address even the most sensitive and difficult situations within your business environment.

Conflict resolution systems design

Dr. Giacalone can also help to identify the sources of chronic and pervasive conflict within your organization. Chronic conflict is often the result of underlying problems in organizational culture, processes, and structures. Dr. Giacalone will collaborate with HR and Training and Development professionals within your organization to create system-wide solutions, so that the same problems don’t arise over and over again.

She also provides conflict resolution training, which helps employees learn how to engage in productive conflict and build better working relationships.

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“Rita has been an invaluable resource to me and my organization in addressing various employee relation issues. She has a very comforting and engaging demeanor to defuse potentially volatile discussions. Rita understands people and is able to offer effective recommendations for resolving workplace conflicts.”

Cheryl Rhodes Alexander, Head of Human Resources Delta Diablo, SF Bay Area

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