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“Committed leadership is the lever that turns technology into transformation”
–Leading Digital, 2014

Change within organizations is the new normal. Organizations are fundamentally redefining their business models, operational processes and customer experience through transformational technology. Implementing effective digital transformation is no longer an option – it is an imperative for your company’s survival.

Technology is changing faster than our brains have the ability to adapt. Yet, leaders often focus on the technological advances necessary to transform their organizations, while neglecting to the people side of change. That is a major reason why 60-70% of all organizational change initiatives fail.

Recent literature from the IoT Talent Consortium reports that nearly three-quarters of digital transformation efforts driven by the growth of the Internet of Things end in failure, resulting in losses that have an effect across the entire organization, not just in IT. While the reasons for these failures are wide ranging, it is the failure of leadership that underlies all of the failed transformation efforts. Leaders did not consider, nor address the impact of rapid technological change on their people.

We provide digital transformation consulting and training

DewPoint Consulting provides consultation and training for organizational leaders, focused on the people side of digital transformation. We prepare you to achieve the buy-in and commitment necessary for the success of your digital initiatives.

Leaders who focus on their people are able to drive change through influence, rather than authority. They develop a clear and simple vision of the future, stay involved, and continuously engage their organizations at scale. They build strong digital governance structures and develop seamless IT-business unit partnerships.

Through our digital transformation leadership consulting, you will learn how to shift your mindset about rapid change and be able to influence others to do the same. The ability to effectively implement ongoing digital transformation will become woven into the very fabric of your organization.

DewPoint Consulting also provide digital transformation training, offering leaders a hands-on learning experience to help them be effective in times of constant change and digital disruption.

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“I’ve crossed paths with many facilitators in my career, only two have made an impression on me, Rita making the biggest. Rita has this innate ability to separate the truth from the façade, which is an essential gift for a great facilitator. Couple this quality with her courage, compassion, and conviction and you have a person able to guide a diverse group of individuals into forming a cohesive team. She accomplishes this difficult task by planting the seed of trust, allowing it to grow through communication, and harvesting the fruit of understanding. It has been a pleasure to have her accompany our organization on the path to excellence.”

Kerry Yoshitomi, Retired Executive

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