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For more than twenty 20 years, DewPoint Consulting has helped individuals, teams and organizations reach their greatest potential through deeply focused engagements.  We offer depth of knowledge and experience in human dynamics that can empower and transform your most vital asset: your people.

With the advent of the digital age and the need for people and organizations to be increasingly agile, DewPoint offers coaching, consultation and training focused on the people side of change. We go beyond change management to provide you with the latest cutting edge approaches to change leadership and digital transformation, so that your leaders are equipped to be out in front, rather than manage from behind.

Our private sector clients include tech sector giants, as well as high growth start-ups.  We also serve the public and non-profit sectors, including water utilities and environmental organizations, committed to protecting our natural resources.

“Effective consultation relies on keen analytical analysis, the capacity to hold and represent multiple perspectives and sensitivity to systemic influences, individual experience and interpersonal dynamics. Rita possesses an abundance of each of these characteristics and adeptly employs them in her consultative endeavors.”

Kadija Johnston, Infant-Parent Prgm Director, UCSF Dept of Psychiatry

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DewPoint Consulting helps individuals, teams and organizations transform in the digital age. Executive coaching as well as consulting and training for change leadership, digital transformation, team development and conflict resolution.

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