Change Leadership

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.”
James Belasco and Ralph Stayer, Flight of the Buffalo (1994)

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Some people thrive on change. But most frankly recoil from it. People tend to like routine and predictability, things we can count on. This may not even be in our best interests, but it’s what we know so it’s comfortable.

Change your leadership

Team Effectiveness

If you have been fortunate enough to be a member of a high functioning and vital team, you know that the power of the whole can be electrifying; with the generation of ideas, capabilities, and performance that exceeds even the brightest individual in the group.

  • Make explicit underlying rules and group norms that are hampering team performance

  • Develope a team charter and establishing workable and explicit team norms

  • Address difficult issues like trust, conflict, and accountability in an atmosphere of safety and mutual respect for differences

  • Engage in work style difference trainings to counteract inaccurate perceptions and attributions regarding other team members

  • Work one-on-one with the team leader and other members to process team dynamics and make individual and group behavioral changes accordingly

Any good doctor would not prescribe medicine until they diagnose the problem. The same principle applies here. Once the reality of the situation is grasped, a team can begin a productive re-examination of their shared habits that impede maximum performance.

Create and effective team

Executive Coaching

Check out some of the questions that Gallup determined to be the most powerful core elements needed to attract, focus, and keep the most talented employees:

  • Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?

  • In the last seven days, have I received recognition or praise for good work?

  • Does my supervisor, or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person?

  • Is there someone at work who encourages my development?

It is very apparent that these core elements can only be made possible by having a manager who asks questions, who listens carefully, and who supports individual development.

Advance your authority

Conflict Resolution

Individuals who avoid engaging in healthy conflict waste a lot of time and energy because unresolved issues inevitably re-surface over and over again. I teach people and teams how to engage in dialogue about sensitive or controversial issues that are so critical to organizational success.

Achieve work-force harmony

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